Morgan Menco

music supervisor — video producer


My goal as a Video Producer is simple. To maximize any budget and execute the best creative output possible. As a freelancer at Doner for the last year, I was able to really get my hands dirty and work on some bigger projects on my own. Working with clients like Nestle, Digiorno, CPK and Netflix, I was able to learn a lot about managing client expectations with any budget. During my time at CP+B from 2014-Early 2016, the majority of video projects I worked on were New Business Pitches. I created several videos that helped us win Pay Pal, Braintree, Jose Cuervo, and 1800, but I am unfortunately unable to share those projects here. I have included the projects that I am able to share below, but please email me for a password protected link to see my pitch work.


Spindrift - Explainer Videos w/Kristen Bell

Yup, Thats It (:60)

Real Fruit (:15)

Secret Recipe (:15)

If You Did It Yourself (:15)

Real Farmers (:15)

This was my first project at Mistress Agency and an introduction to an amazing new brand Spindrift. For their launch campaign they wanted to connect with a powerful spokesperson to spread the message of their simple and delicious formula. Just sparkling water and real squeezed fruit. Yup, thats it. Kristen Bell was the perfect fit for this brand and was an absolute pleasure to work with. The response from her fan base has already pushed Spindrift from unknown to the premium choice for flavored soda water. 

Qdoba - Chicken Diablo Nachos

QDOBA - Chicken Diablo Nachos [Full Production]

This was a fun project and a true test of how to work on a tight budget with a quick turnaround. From creative conception to delivery we had 3 weeks to make this happen. The Qdoba client was an absolute pleasure to work with and we would not have been able to make this timeline work without locking arms and working closely throughout the process. Looking forward to doing more work on this campaign. 

MUSE - Thought Contagion [Official Music Video]

MUSE - Thought Contagion [Post Production]

I am so grateful for the experience I gained assisting with this project. My good friends at OSHIN Studio were kind enough to bring me on as a Post Producer and I was able to learn so much about their process. We created all the video game designs and animations, the eye scanner as well as the lightning vfx. Also created the paper blowing in the wind from scratch in Cinema 4d. Project came out great and has amassed over 6mm views in a month.

CPK - Real Ingredient Promise

CPK - Real Ingredient promise

On this project we had some hurdles with the budget and schedule, however, we were able to use a "documentary" style approach to find some savings with a quick one day shoot. We were able to leverage the client to provide talent and an approved location, and utilized high quality stock footage to help tell the story outside the kitchen. I had to call in some vendor favors to get this one in the right budget range, but the client was thrilled with how this turned out. 

See the full integrated website:

CPK - Transporters - Wave 1 & 2

Hawaiian (:10)

BBQ Chicken (:10)

Jamaican Jerk (:10) - Limited Edition

This is a new digital campaign for CPK home baked frozen pizza. They will be rolling out this new theme for all styles of pizzas but plan to kick it off with their flagship Sicilian style, and the brand new Organic 5 Cheese and Tomato. We then followed up with a second wave of videos featuring the Classic BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian, and Limited Edition Jamaican Jerk. The idea is that the ingredients are so authentic that one bite will transport you to the ingredients place of origin. These were directed by Big Block Pictures, Paul Trillo who was chosen based on his fun transition approach.  

Digiorno - Rise to the occasion

RTTO - A DiGiorno Pizza Anthem

This was a crazy/fun one, and it was my first big budget project that I was allowed to produce solo from start to finish. The music video received over 1m views in the first day. I worked with a great team to create the track, hire a diverse group of Athletes, Musicians, and Influencers and produce a full length music video about how a Digiorno Pizza can elevate any occasion. There were 12 separate deliverables that were created from this content but due to talent contracts some of the vids have come down. Please email me for a private link to the full videos.


Mix of Flavors (:15)

Adventure at Home (:06)

Girls Night In (:15)

Unexpected Pairings V1 (:06)

Unexpected Pairings V2 (:06)

This was a digital campaign for CPK at Home that they are using as preroll for the end of 2016 and through 2017. I teamed with Media Stranger to get this one done on a really short timeline and thin budget. We were tasked with a "Lo-Fi" project, but the content has very high production value. 

Netflix - stranger things premiere

Stranger Things Cast Gets Scared

ST: Premiere Prank

ST: Premiere Event

This was a fun experiential event that was created by the Doner Agency to play with the cast of the new show "Stranger Things". We backed up the event with a video production capturing all the scares and laughs from the cast as well as some of the invited guests. This was a great tool to get more traction for the show as it launched as well as give fans some authentic content to enjoy while they wait for season 2. 




I was blessed with an incredible opportunity for my first start to finish broadcast project. The parallel stories of a girl named Tristan growing into a great artist, and the grapes growing from a sprout to being bottled and served to our hero. This amazing client wanted this film to be authentically shot at their vineyard in Tuscany, which meant we were on location in Italy for 2 weeks. After studying closely during the preproduction and time on set, I was able to handle the post production process on my own and deliver an approved cut ahead of schedule and under budget. We worked with Director Jacob Rosenberg at Bandito Brothers to bring this one together. 



I came into this project after it was already shot, but assisted with the post. We worked with Method Studios and CO3 to do the color, clean up, and add some extra explosions and shrapnel with vfx. Lime did the sound design, vo and mix.